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A truly impressive dining and drinking scene makes Peekskill a draw for weekenders, but during the week local reclaim the territory. It’s an art-loving community, with more than 100 artist studios occupying the former industrial buildings in downtown.


Many artists call this home

We’ve heard people describe Peekskill as the region’s largest town and its smallest city, and both seem about right. It’s got the charm you’d expect from a town, as well as the critical mass necessary for a truly impressive dining and drinking scene. In downtown Peekskill, tables spill out onto the street and musicians start to strum whenever there’s a sunny afternoon. Wander the nearby streets and you’ll find a healthy housing supply of colonials and Victorians.

It's hard to believe that many of the town’s beautiful brick buildings were more or less abandoned by the 1990s, when the Common Council had the brilliant idea to offer them as studios where artists could live and work. Now there are more than 100 art studios, many open to the public. Creative types rub shoulders with hipsters at the dazzling Paramount Hudson Valley Theater, a movie theater dating from the 1930s that now hosts live events.

Where to Get Your Bearings

Make a pit stop at The Central, housed in the former waiting room at Peekskill Station. The massive chandelier, red brick walls, and arched windows give the main room a stepping-back-in-time feel. Operating from morning to night, there’s also an incredibly varied menu, especially for dinner.

What Locals Recommend

One of the area’s largest swaths of green is the 1,538 acre Blue Mountain Reservation, easily accessible from Peekskill. Among the most popular trails for hiking and mountain biking is the three-mile Blue Mountain Summit Loop, which has some great views from the summit.

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46-mile drive north of Midtown Manhattan. 63-minute train ride via Metro-North from Grand Central at peak.
Coming by train, Peekskill Station has a couple of noteworthy dining and drinking establishments nearby. But it’s over a mile from the train station to Main Street, and the walk is entirely uphill.
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What are the top 3 reasons to consider buying in Peekskill?

1. Great dining and drinking destination. People from nearby communities head into Peekskill in the evening because the downtown scene is hip and happening. People sip their craft beers long after their meal is over. 2. Community-minded residents. You can tell from the bumper stickers on cars and the signs in windows that people here feel passionately about the issues important to them. 3. Short stroll to the main drag. Some of the area’s most historic homes are on the streets radiating off Main Street. No wonder prospective buyers jump as soon as they come on the market.

What’s the vibe like in Peekskill?

Peekskill has big-city sophistication in a small-town package. If you’re looking for more space that you could have in New York, but don’t want to give up things like art galleries and farm-to-table restaurants, Peekskill should be on your list.

Where can I get the basics in and around Peekskill?

You won’t have trouble stocking the pantry in Peekskill. Besides a spacious Stop and Shop on the edge of town, you’ll find chains like C-Town (everything you need for Latin American dishes) and Apple Farm (the best Asian produce in the area). For home improvement projects, you can’t beat Dain’s Lumber, a local institution that’s been around since 1968. The friendly folks there will help you solve any problem you’re having.

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