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With more of a suburban feel than many of the villages along the Hudson River Line, Cortlandt appeals to families in search of laid-back neighborhoods tucked away from the major thoroughfares. Backyard barbecues are a summertime favorite.


Cortlandt with a capital C

When your train pulls into the Cortlandt Station, you might be surprised that what you see are mostly trees. That’s because the town of Cortlandt, made up of a cluster of small villages and even smaller hamlets, is one of the most suburban areas along this stretch of the Hudson River. Residents come to Cortland to stock up at Trader Joe’s and other stores, but there’s no Main Street where people linger in a café or stroll from shop to shop.

But what the communities in Cortlandt share is an abundance of housing options. There are more than 10,000 single-family homes in the area. The modestly sized Colonials and Cape Cods, mostly built in the 20th century, have generously proportioned yards that make them ideal for families. The prices are generally lower than Croton-On-Hudson to the south and Peekskill to the north. Over the past decade or two, more modern homes with more amenities and higher square footage have been built in newer subdivisions around Cortlandt Manor.

Where to Get Your Bearings

If you’re headed here on the weekend, make sure to visit Savannah and Company, a homey spot in Cortlandt Manor. This southern-style eatery knows how to serve up a delicious plate of chicken and waffles or biscuits and gravy. Even traditional brunch fare like eggs benedict is kicked up a notch with the addition of pulled pork or crab cakes. If the weather cooperates, grab a table on the front porch or on the brick patio.

What Locals Recommend

Cortlandt sits far from the banks of the Hudson, which is what makes George’s Island Park so appealing. The 208-acre park offers magnificent views of the river. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of one of the resident bald eagles keeping an eye out for its next meal. Trails link George’s Island Park to the Hudson River Greenway, so there are plenty of opportunities for hiking and biking.

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Notable Information
20,901 in the hamlet of Cortlandt Manor, 42,380 in the town of Cortland
38-mile drive north of Midtown Manhattan. It’s a 62-minute train ride via Metro-North from Grand Central at peak
Because there’s no main drag, Cortlandt is probably the least walkable community along the Hudson River Line. You’ll definitely need your own car to get around.
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What are the top 3 reasons to consider buying in Cortlandt?

1. Abundance of housing. With more than 10,000 single-family homes, Cortlandt has plenty of options for those moving into the area or moving up into a bigger place. 2. More affordable. Home prices in and around Cortlandt haven’t caught up with the surrounding communities. The median price for single-family homes is significantly less than in the rest of Westchester County. 3. Sense of community. Nobody says they’re from the town of Cortlandt. They mention the village or hamlet where they live, like Buchanan, Montrose, or Crugers. People have pride in their community.

What’s the vibe like in Cortlandt?

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Cortlandt is for you. It’s one of the few in the region that still has a real suburban feel. Some houses sit on an acre or more of land, meaning that you’re close — but not too close — to your neighbors. There’s not much traffic on side streets, so you won’t worry when the kids are outside.

Where can I get the basics in and around Cortlandt?

The fact of the matter is that Cortlandt is where people up and down the Hudson River go to stock up on groceries, cleaning supplies, lawn and garden equipment — just about everything you need around the home. If you can’t get through a weekend without a run to Trader’s Joe, there’s one in Cortlandt, along with a highly regarded ShopRite and a few less beloved options. For you DIY projects, there’s a Home Depot and a Lowe’s. The Cortlandt area is also home to the New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Hospital.

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