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If you’re in search of some privacy, head to the hamlet of Garrison. Most homes are set back from the street and occupy at least an acre of land. Locals love to preserve the character of the place, which is why many roads have been left unpaved.


Country roads to take you home

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Garrison is how many of the roads that wind through the thick stands of trees remain unpaved. Locals like it that way, explaining that “there’s more of a sense of community on dirt roads.” Most homes in this hamlet of about 16 square miles are set back from the street and occupy at least an acre of land. They stay in the same family for years, meaning that there’s not a lot of turnover. Prices can be significantly higher than in neighboring communities, especially for homes with a river view.

There is no “downtown” in Garrison, aside from a small cluster of buildings surround the former train station. The community-minded Philipstown Depot Theater occupies that space and has been producing exceptional shows for over 20 years. Across the street is the Garrison Art Center, which holds renowned exhibitions, festivals, and workshops.

Where to Get Your Bearings

The much-loved Dolly’s is a welcome spot to enjoy dinner and drinks on the patio with a view over the Hudson River all the way to West Point. For a small-town place, the menu is surprisingly sophisticated.

What Locals Recommend

Be sure to visit the Constitutional Marsh Audubon Center, where a boardwalk extends into this 270-acre tidal marsh in the Hudson River Estuary. Commonly spotted birds include the marsh wren, spotted sandpiper, and Virginia rail. There is no on-site parking, so plan to get dropped off.

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53-mile drive north of Midtown Manhattan. 74-minute train ride via Metro-North from Grand Central at peak.
Besides a handful of sights around Garrison Landing, there’s nowhere to walk to in this bucolic community. Plan on taking a car.
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What are the top 3 reasons to consider buying in Garrison?

1. Plenty of privacy. Most homes in this hamlet are set back from the street and occupy at least an acre of land. If you’re looking for some time to yourself, this is the place. 2. Preserves the past. As a nod to the area’s history, locals like to keep many of the country lanes here unpaved. It also slows down the traffic and lets resident go out for a stroll. 3. Top-notch events. Every summer, the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival brings world-class productions to an open-air space in Garrison. And don’t miss the Cold Spring Farmers’ Market, held at the Garrison Institute.

What’s the vibe like in Garrison?

Most of the time, Garrison is a pretty laid-back place. But locals do come out in force for local events, whether it’s an exhibit at the Garrison Art Center, a performance at the Philipstown Depot Theatre, or opening night at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.

Where can I get the basics in and around Garrison?

Garrison doesn’t have a grocery store of its own, so if you’re looking for something that you can’t pick up at the weekly farmers market, you’re going to have to head four miles north to Cold Spring or seven miles south to Peekskill.

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