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Benefits of Living in Cortlandt

Cortlandt has what a lot of the other communities along the Hudson River Line lack: a little elbow room. Most of the older homes in the Cortland sit on lots that are around one acre, and newer homes in the town’s northern and southern reaches can have two acres or more of land. This makes homes in Cortland a big draw for families who are dreaming about having a yard.

People often talk about the communities along the Hudson River as being suburbs of New York City, but Cortlandt is one of the few that has a real suburban feel. There’s very little traffic on most streets, and the main meeting place in many neighborhoods is the library or the pool. There are plenty of big-box stores where you can stock up on supplies.

Cortlandt’s biggest asset is its access to New York City. Cortlandt Station — one of the newest stations along the Hudson Line to Grand Central Terminal — has plenty of parking. From here, you can get to Manhattan in about an hour.