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The closest of the river towns, Hastings-On-Hudson is a little more than half an hour from Manhattan. The area’s “artsiest” village has a lot more going for it than proximity, though. Its strollable downtown streets are a joy to explore.


Hudson Valley’s Artsiest Community

Of all the river towns, Hastings-On-Hudson has been declared the “artsiest” of them all. (This comes from no higher authority than The New York Times.) Start off at the cluster of galleries near the intersection of Main Street and Warburton Avenue. Over the years, many artists have settled in the handsome homes that make their way up and over the surrounding hills. The loftiest ones have sweeping river views that inspired 19th-century painter Jasper Francis Cropsey. To enjoy works by this Hudson River School trailblazer, book a tour at the Gothic-Revival-style Newington-Cropsey Foundation Gallery of Art. There are also frequent exhibits at the Hastings-On-Hudson Public Library.

Where to Get Your Bearings

Before you leave the train station, fuel up at the Good Witch, run by longtime food writer Joanna Prisco. Housed in the station’s high-ceilinged waiting room, it’s an ideal spot for a cortado or a cold brew. In warm weather, they throw open the double front doors and host local musicians. If you’re here later in the day, grab some pub grub at laid-back Maud’s Tavern.

What Locals Recommend 

Locals tell you to take a hike: A pair of long, narrow parks, the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail and the South County Trailway, are a great way to get your steps in for the day. If you’re in the mood for a challenge, you can hike all the way to nearby towns like Dobbs Ferry.

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Notable Information
20-mile drive north of Midtown Manhattan. 35-minute train ride via Metro-North from Grand Central at peak.
Only 3 square miles, Hastings-On-Hudson is incredibly compact. It’s a bit hilly, but most sights are easy walking distance from the train station.
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What are the top 3 reasons to consider buying in Hastings-On-Hudson?

1. The closest of the river towns. You won’t find an easier commute than from this vibrant village. Taking Metro-North, you’ll get to Midtown Manhattan quicker than from many places in New York’s Outer Boroughs. 2. Impeccably kept homes. Because of its industrial heritage, Hastings-On-Hudson has some impressive houses alon its downtown street, and almost all of them have been immaculately maintained. 3. The “artsiest” community. People here are proud that Hastings-On-Hudson was the epicenter of the 19th-century Hudson River School that produced painters like Jasper Francis Cropsey. And they keep up the tradition today.

What’s the vibe like in Hastings-On-Hudson?

A politically engaged community, Hastings-On-Hudson residents point out that it has a high turnout for local elections. Its environmentally conscious population made certain that it was the first in the state to ban single-use plastic bags and foam food containers. The median home price here is slightly above the rest of the county — not a surprise for a close-in suburb — but officials have plans to increase the amount of affordable housing.

Where can I get the basics in and around Hastings-On-Hudson?

You’ve got to love the slightly mismatched letters on the sign for Hastings Paint and Hardware. A favorite with locals since 1932, it’s one of the most venerable shops in town. The team behind the counter really knows its stuff. There are a couple of specialty markets where local go to stock up on staples, including the family-owned Food for Thought. It focuses on organic foods, but you’ll also find other 100% natural items like soaps and beauty supplies. It’s been around since 1970, so it’s stood the test of time. There’s also a Foodtown if you need to do a big shop.

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