Dining Out

Where to Grab a Drink in Ossining

Named for the stream that runs through Ossining, the Sing Sing Kill Brewery is all about three things: local ingredients, a short supply chain, and a low carbon footprint. Just off the main drag, the taproom is powered solely by renewable energy. It’s fun to learn the history of beers like Old Crawbucky (an ale named for a local fishing hole) and Bloodier Butcher (a double IPA whose main ingredient is a locally grown corn that has blood-red kernels). There’s not much food on the menu, just hot dogs and pretzels, but they encourage you to bring in takeout from local establishments.

At the Boathouse, the sign behind the always-crowded bar poses this question: “Why limit happy to an hour?” Most people think of this as a seafood restaurant with a great bar, but we prefer to think of it as a great bar where you can share platters of fried calamari or steamed clams in a roasted red pepper broth. Either way, you can enjoy sunset views on the Hudson River.